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Hacker warns of hardware vulnerabilities

August 7th, 2006

In a presentation today at the Black Hat security conference, security expert Brendan O´Connor discussed a vulnerability that affects Xerox printers.

In an attempt to illuminate potential problems created by security deficiencies in embedded software, O´Connor exploited the vulnerability and intercepted data from content printed with the device. O´Connor points out that users trust printers, and that a large volume of sensitive information goes through them.

Despite the fact that Xerox issued a patch to fix the WorkCenter printer bug in February, O´Connor says that the problem still hasn´t been completely resolved, and the printer is still vulnerable to infiltration. Characterizing the device as “a Linux server wrapped in a copier box,” the security expert warns that as embedded software becomes more complex, companies and consumers will have to take hardware security more seriously.Read Full Story

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