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Akonix Security Center Publishes IM Threat Watch for July 2006

December 28th, 2006

Akonix Systems, the provider of the most deployed instant messaging (IM) security and compliance products in the world, today announced its Security Center (www.imsecuritycenter.com) researchers tracked 16 attacks against IM networks in July, bringing the total number of attacks during 2006 to 127.

New worms identified in July include Dozic, Semsy and Aimbot. The most common attack was Oscarbot/Opanki, which had three variants, followed by Chode, with two variants. Overall, Akonix security analysts issued a total of seven new policy updates, using the industry´s only dynamic IM malware, spim and protocol update system. This automatically pushes updates to customers and blocks spyware, worms and viruses in real time at the network perimeter. Akonix customers were secure on day zero from each new threat with the deep protection and containment features of Akonix´s 360° Security for Real-Time Communications(tm).

“We continue to see a wide gap between the number of companies that have deployed email security and compliance products versus those with IM security and compliance rules and policies in place,” said Don Montgomery, VP of marketing at Akonix. “IT departments have not exerted the same control over the corporate use of IM as they have for email and Web browsing, even in the face of evidence that IM is now used by employees at 90% of organizations around the world.”

The Akonix Security Center is a collaborative effort between Akonix´s internal security group, enterprise customer security teams and industry leading partners in IM infrastructure and security. It focuses on the emerging security threats posed by IM and P2P applications in the corporate environment, and is the foundation of the early detection layer of 360° Security. Detailed information about the July 2006 IM Threat Report can be found at www.imsecuritycenter.com.

For more information on how 360° Security from Akonix ensures networks guard against the security risks of unmanaged IM and P2P use, please visit www.akonix.com/360, call 619-615-9415 or email sales@akonix.com. Companies interested in putting Akonix products to work protecting their networks can receive a free 30-day evaluation of A6000 and A1000 IM security appliances at eval.akonix.com.


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